What is Web Hosting?

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A lot of clients come to Australian Web Experts with an existing website and over the years find that they are paying for many services to keep their website live. They are often paying for domain names, website hosting, domain protection, email hosting, domain protection, SSL certificates and the list goes on. Often they are paying these bills to a bunch of different businesses and if they miss any bill then their site will become nonfunctional. Who has time for that?

At Australian Web Experts we love to keep things as simple as possible for our clients by providing a Managed Hosting Service. That means we manage everything for you to make sure your website and emails just work. We take the pain out of getting a site up and running to let you get on with business as usual. But what is hosting exactly and why do some people find themselves paying for so many services?

Well having a functioning website on the internet basically requires three separate things that are all taken care of in out Managed Hosting Service. These are Website Hosting, Email Hosting and Domain Name Registration. These services can also have extra features than can be associated with each of them which may or may not be appropriate for your needs. Keep reading to learn more about what hosting actually is.

Website Hosting

Website Hosting is the physical storage of all your website files and code on a server. Without this there is no website. You hear a lot about ‘The Cloud’ which makes it seem like the internet somehow simply ‘exists’. However all sites you visit on the web physically exist in a data centre somewhere and the term Cloud really describes a network of data centres.

Australian Web Experts hosts your site in our data centres in Melbourne and Sydney. This ensures that your site is lightening fast across Australia. A lot of other companies will host your site overseas, meaning when people visit your site the information has to come from the other site of the planet! As you can imagine this can make your website seem sluggish, putting clients off and leaving you with little recourse if something goes wrong.

As well as hosting your website files, when you host with Australian Web Experts we also take extra steps to ensure the security and speed of your site. Our servers are installed with firewall protection to prevent your site being hacked and caching which essentially speeds up the delivery of your site across the web. We also take regular backups of your site to ensure it’s never lost.

As well as this we provide first class support via email and phone. If anything should go wrong with your site we are here to fix it!

Email Hosting

Email Hosting is similar to Website Hosting in that your files have to live on a physical server. It also has to have the added functionality of being able to send and receive emails, making sure that everything ends up in the right place like a mail sorting room. This requires a specific configuration on the server to be able to send and receive mail for your Domain Name. You can connect directly to your Mail Server using a program like Apple Mail or Microsoft Outlook to read and send emails, or you can access them from a page on your website.

A lot of clients come to us with email hosted desperately to their website, which sometimes results in missing mail as well as two bills. Additionally a lot of clients come to us with non-professional emails like @gmail.com and need an email set up on their domain.

Australian Web Experts will host your emails along with your site on our Melbourne and Sydney servers and set them up for you, so when your site goes live your emails do to, and that’s all there is to it!

Domain Name Registration

You’ll need a domain name for your site to be available online. Domain names are basically your identity on the internet and are usually the same as, or a variation of your business name. Without a domain name no one would ever be able to find your site! All domain names are managed by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) who authorises domain name registrars, through which domain names may be registered and reassigned. Domain name registrations must be renewed, and if not will expire. Once a domain name has expired it will then be available for anyone to purchase.

Domain names need to to be configured to point to your website and to handle the sending and receiving of your emails. Additionally domain names can also have a a security certificate (SSL) that will encrypt all the traffic between the users browser and the server so information like credit card details can’t be stolen.

Australian Web Experts has partnered with another Australian company Synergy Wholesale Pty Ltd as our preferred Authorised Domain Name Registrar, which allows us to manage all of our customers domains on their behalf.

Managed Hosting Service

Australian Web Experts provides a Managed Hosting Service to our clients. Basically we take all the services necessary to get a website online and manage them on behalf of our clients. This means there is no technical jargon for you and nothing difficult to figure out. We will design and build your website in consultation with you and when you’re ready for it to go live we manage everything. You end up with a beautifully designed site, access to the back end to make any changes you wish, working emails and no stress!



Australian Web Experts are 100% Australian owned and operated. We have over 8 years of experience providing exceptional quality website packages and running SEO campaigns for clients small and large. We are a market leader and loved by businesses all over Australia. We excel at listening and then acting on your businesses needs to deliver successful web design, development and SEO outcomes.

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