How Much Is An SEO Package?

On average, an SEO package in Australia will cost a business anywhere between $1,000 and $5,000 per month. We uncover the major contributing factors to the cost of your SEO package.
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The million dollar question, “how much does an SEO package cost?”. Most SEO agencies hide behind the actual cost of your SEO package or SEO campaign until you’re well into their sales cycle.

We do things a little different at Australian Web Experts, and we believe in providing SEO services with integrity. On average, an SEO package will cost a business anywhere between $1,000 – $5,000 per month.

While this is a general rule, there are a number of factors that you should consider before selecting an SEO package or determining an SEO budget for your company.

After analysing our own client base, in conjunction with partners in the industry, the SEO package cost in Australia will typically fall somewhere within the $1,000 – $5,000 per month range.

How To Select The Right SEO Package Budget Level

Deciding on what SEO package, or more aptly, what budget to allocate towards SEO each month can be tricky for businesses to determine.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is all about expertise and more importantly, time in the market. In essence, the more time that is allocated to your SEO campaign, the more results you will see.

When it comes to the way that we (and many other SEO agencies) price their SEO services, it is typically done by working out an hourly rate and then allocating that hourly to different SEO packages and budget levels.

In simplest terms, selecting the right SEO package budget level will simply come down to how much you’d like to invest in your businesses digital marketing and overall SEO.

If you would like results quicker: allocate a larger budget. If you aren’t particularly focused on major wins quickly: allocate a smaller budget to your SEO package.

As with all things, when it comes to SEO packages, you really do get what you pay for.

Factors That Can Affect SEO Package Pricing

One of the major factors that can affect the overall cost of your SEO is the level of expertise your SEO agency has.

Beyond the expertise your SEO agency has, the other major factor that affects the pricing of your SEO package is the level of competition within your businesses industry.

For instance, if you’re a plastic surgeon in Melbourne, it is highly likely your competitors will already be engaging in SEO, and therefore, you will have ground to cover.

A major contributor to the ground you will likely have to cover will be the acquisition of external links, and these can take time to acquire through outreach and other linking opportunities.

There are other pricing factors and budget considerations if you’re in a competitive industry, such as the need to create landing pages with valuable content and informational articles for your website to build contextual relevance in the Google algorithm.

These are just some of the SEO costs that need to be factored in when choosing your SEO package budget and pricing level.

Cheaper Isn’t Always Better (Ever)

It is highly likely, as an Australian business owner, that you’ve had emails from overseas companies (or even phone calls) shelling their SEO services for bargain basement prices.

There’s no denying that business owners should absolutely steer clear of these dodgy SEO providers, as quality SEO will always have a cost associated with it.

And, why shouldn’t it? SEO can be the make or break of your businesses overall online strategy and it should be given a decent investment to give your business the best footing.

This isn’t to say you should choose the most expensive option, or trust every SEO provider in Australia (since there’s a few dud ones in Australia too!), but you shouldn’t expect the SEO cost in Australia to match overseas companies and you certainly shouldn’t expect a cheap SEO package costing $100 per month to transform your business.

Much like we’d never fly an overseas builder into Australia to build our home, business owners shouldn’t do the same to build their businesses.

If you’re looking for tips on questions to ask an SEO company before hiring them, be sure to read our full guide on the most critical questions to ask a potential SEO agency.

Contracts Can Contribute To Hidden Costs

Another aspect that can affect the cost of your SEO package is the contract you sign.

When you go to sign an SEO contract, there could be hidden fees or charges, and there could be clauses that prevent you from actually ever owning the work your SEO agency has completed for you.

Beyond this, roll over clauses and cancellation fees can sometimes cost in the thousands – making contracts are a very critical factor of the SEO cost in Australia.

These are hidden costs and can affect your SEO package pricing in a negative way. We recently dove into everything about SEO contracts on our blog, where we outline what you should look out for when signing a contract with your chosen SEO company.

Choose Australia’s Leading SEO Company

If you’re a business owner that is seriously interested in increasing your website’s overall organic Google rankings, review our SEO packages and learn about how we can take your business to the next level online.

As Australia’s leading SEO company, we understand how to maximise your SEO package budget and move the needle forward for your business.

It doesn’t matter if you need local SEO, enterprise SEO or national SEO – we’ve got you covered. Australian Web Experts are trusted by hundreds of different businesses across Australia to manage their SEO needs and requirements.

If we’ve left you with some thoughts or questions – reach out! We love hearing from business owners who are curious about utilising digital marketing for their businesses growth.

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