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Local SEO For Small Business


Local SEO is the ideal way for local businesses to be found by customers in their local area. Local SEO is designed to maximise local search and put your business at the top of the Google Map and organic search results in the local search engine.

It has been shown that local SEO is quickly becoming one of the best ways for a small, local business to market themselves online. A recent study on Google search has shown that 98% of Google users use the search engine to research a local business.

With millions of monthly Google users in Australia alone, it is paramount that your local business is using a local SEO strategy.


Local search is a hyper-targeted way of connecting with customers in your local area. It has been shown that 1 in 4 customers find a business by searching for them locally on Google and the conversion rates of local search are the highest in any digital marketing strategy.

Australian Web Experts are a local search engine optimisation company, focused on ensuring your local business is at the top of the organic search results. We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes to solve their biggest local SEO problems.

With 10+ years experience providing local SEO services, we are leaders in the local SEO space. We understand the unique space of local SEO and know what it takes to rank.

Establish SEO Goals

Establishing a goal to rank on Google is your first step for online success. Once you have created a goal, it is time to find a local SEO expert.

Partner Locally

By partnering with a local SEO company like Australian Web Experts, your business has access to SEO experts at all times.

Rank First On Google

Once your local SEO plan is in place, a well executed SEO strategy will be underway. Your local SEO campaign will deliver results in no time.

Let's talk about your local SEO goals.

We offer a free local SEO consultation for all new local SEO clients valued at $1,000.

Our Local SEO Services

When choosing a local SEO company, it is important to choose a local SEO agency with a proven-track record. 

If you have found us, you have probably searched on Google to find a local SEO company.

The reason you have found us is because at Australian Web Experts, we practise what preach and know exactly what it takes to rank on Google.

If you are interested to know more about how Australia’s most experienced and affordable local SEO company can help you reach your business goals and rank you on Google, enter your website above.

A custom local SEO campaign.

Created with your business goals at the forefront, your local SEO campaign is designed to help your grow your business and revenue.

Work with a local Australian SEO agency.

By working with Australian Web Experts on your local SEO campaign, you are working with an Australian SEO agency with 10+ years experience.

Affordable local SEO packages & pricing.

We don't hide behind costs or string you along. Our affordable local SEO package pricing is available upfront to all clients.

Dedicated SEO account management.

Every local SEO client at Australian Web Experts receives a dedicated account manager who is committed to their SEO success.


Our Local SEO Platforms

We use premium SEO tools so that our SEO team can get the most out of your local SEO campaign. These premium SEO tools allow us to drive local traffic to your website and increase website conversions.

Google My Business

Your Google Business Profile is one of the most important aspects of your local SEO strategy.


We love working with WordPress websites. Build on the most popular CMS, WordPress sites rank.


Ahrefs allows us to deep dive into your back link profile and keyword research tools to optimise.

Google Analytics

Our Google Analytics experts understand the intricacies of using Analytics to manage on-page.


A premium SEO plugin, Yoast, allows us to create sitemaps and manage your meta information.

Google Search Console

Our technical SEO team uses Google Search Console to analyse your websites search data.

Let's talk about your local SEO goals.

We offer a free local SEO consultation for all new local SEO clients valued at $1,000.

Local SEO Pricing

We offer a range of upfront, affordable local SEO packages for clients Australia-wide. Our local SEO services pricing differs by the level of keywords and monthly work your local SEO campaign requires.

$500 + GST (pcm)

Bronze SEO Package

Created for small businesses looking to improve their local SEO search presence.

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$750 + GST (PCM)

Silver SEO Package

Designed for small businesses looking to improve their local SEO search presence.

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$1,000 + GST (PCM)

Gold SEO Package

Ideal for small businesses looking to dominate their local SEO search presence.

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Frequently asked questions

Local SEO FAQ's

Have some questions about our local SEO services? We answer the most commonly asked local SEO questions right here. If there’s something we haven’t answered, please get in touch with our local SEO team.


Local SEO refers to optimising your website for local search. Local SEO is a SEO strategy used by local businesses that are located in a specific geographical location.

By focusing on your specific geo-location, local businesses can use local SEO strategies to specifically target local customers. Local businesses who focus purely on local SEO can see conversion rates through their website as high as 28%.

For example, let’s presume you are a plumber servicing clients in Byron Bay. Your local SEO strategy would be to focus purely on the Byron Bay and surrounding local areas as part of your local SEO strategy.

With this strategy, you are able to optimise your entire website and digital presence to appear for local searches in your geographical location. A local SEO campaign will focus on ensuring your website appears at the top of the organic local search results and within the Google Maps results for your local area.

In short, local SEO is the process of optimising your website specifically for local customers and local search terms. 

You can find more about what SEO is here.


If you are a local business, there is no question that you need to consider using local SEO as part of your digital marketing strategy.

Since local SEO is such an important hyper-targeted form of marketing, you are able to reach more customers that are relevant to your business and increase conversion rates exponentially.

By connecting with your ideal local customers, in your specific geographical location, you are able to harness this powerful form of digital marketing for your small business.

Local SEO is the most powerful way for a small business to maximise their digital marketing budget and it should be used by all small businesses looking to increase their local rankings.


Local SEO doesn’t have to be expensive. As outlined in our above local SEO packages, our local SEO services start at $500 + GST per month.

The total cost of your local SEO campaign will depend on the amount of keywords you are wanting to target and the level of competition in your local area.

On average, a small businesses budget for local SEO should be somewhere between $500 and $1,000 per month. For some local businesses the total cost of their local SEO campaign can be more expensive, as they may want to target even more keywords and local customers.

As a local SEO company, we believe in upfront local SEO pricing so that businesses know that they need to spend.

We believe in completely transparent local SEO pricing.


Local SEO and traditional SEO are slightly different, however they share the same principles. Both SEO and local SEO are centred around optimising your website to appear higher in the organic search results.

The key difference between local SEO and traditional SEO is that local SEO is specifically designed for small local businesses. As we outlined in our example above, local SEO makes perfect sense for a plumber servicing a particular local area.

Since optimising your Google Maps position and Google My Business profiles an important part of your local SEO campaign, local search centres around providing Google searchers with local results and local businesses.

The core elements of any SEO campaign, such as content production, landing pages, off-page efforts (such as backlinking) all remain the same for both local SEO campaigns and traditional SEO campaigns.

In short, local SEO is specifically for local businesses.


The best way to start local SEO is to work with a local SEO company. A local SEO campaign is best managed by a professional SEO agency that can manage all of your local SEO services.

By harnessing the expertise of a local SEO company for your local SEO services, you can be rest assured knowing that your local SEO campaign is in good hands delivering results.

A local SEO agency will understand exactly what it takes to move the needle forward with your local search rankings.

Of course, businesses can also implement their own local SEO strategies or even get things started themselves. This can be a great way for small businesses who don’t necessarily have the budget to engage a local SEO business to start to build some some traction in the organic SERP’s.


For businesses who have more time on their hands than budget, there are some quick wins they can undertake to start ranking in the local search engines.

We have outlined how to do SEO for free on our blog here, which provides some extremely valuable insight into the best ways for businesses to do SEO for free.

Some of the most common ways for small businesses to do their own SEO free are:

  • The creation of a blog, with proper keyword research
  • Google My Business creation and content posting
  • The building of local landing pages for specific keywords
  • Creating links on local citation websites and business directories

There are just some of the ways small businesses can do SEO for free. It is always best to hire a local SEO expert for the best local SEO results.


A local SEO audit is where a local SEO company will audit your website to see where it is currently placed in the organic search results.

A good digital marketing agency will also audit your local competitors, local intent and other important metrics to form a good local SEO strategy for your local business.

At Australian Web Experts, we will also take into account keyword search to ensure we are targeting keywords that achieve the best local search results for your business.

Once a local SEO audit is complete, our clients will be equipped with the following information for their overall local SEO strategy:

  • Their websites current position in the organic search results
  • Their key industry competitors who are ranking well in the search engines
  • A comprehensive keyword research strategy, with a list of ideal keywords
  • An on-page, off-page and content marketing strategy

Local SEO services work for local businesses. But, what exactly is considered a local business?

A local business is a business that provides an in-person product or service, in a local area. This doesn’t mean you have to service on particular region or even one particular city, some of our local SEO clients target multiple regions.

A good example of a local business would be a plumber that services residential and commercial clients in Melbourne. This client would want to target particular local areas to their business, and target clients located in those specific local areas.

In essence, local SEO works for businesses who want to target customers in specific local areas.


Local search intent is a marginally complex part of your overall local SEO strategy.

In its simplest form, local intent circles back to Google wanting to only deliver the most relevant results to its search engine consumers. For instance, Google only wants to deliver search results that are relevant for what the person is searching for.

When you incorporate local SEO into this, local intent is ensuring your website is optimised appropriately to appear for local search terms. By solving the element of search intent, your website is able to appear for local searches.


Google My Business, or Google Maps, is integral to local SEO services. Most local businesses will have a well optimised Google My Business listing, complete with reviews, imagery, questions and other relevant information.

Google My Business forms an important part of your local SEO strategy and is an important local SEO ranking factor. By having a well optimised Google My Business listing, you are able to harness the power of the local pack and be within the top 3 positions on Google Maps and the overall Google search results.

Google My Business forms a number of different functions and there are a large number of ways to properly optimise your Google My Business listing. By having a properly targeted and optimised Google My Business profile, local businesses are able to receive thousands of views and impressions each month.


The short answer is yes (and extremely well). Recent statistics show that 98% of Google users search online to find a local business.

Further to this, 93% of Google users have search on Google Maps to find a local business. These statistics, and many others, go to show just how well local SEO can work for a local business.

Local SEO can often be the most effective form of search engine marketing since local SEO connects local customers to your business. These customers are looking specifically for your products or services within their local area, so the effectiveness of local SEO is huge.

Some of our local clients have had their best months ever in business, simply by engaging in a local SEO campaign.


As with all things SEO, it depends. It will depend on where your website currently sits within the Google algorithm, the level of competitiveness in your industry and other factors.

In short, local SEO can often start to work very quickly as the competition within local niches is usually lower. In all of our local SEO services, we have noticed an uptick in traffic typically within a 3-6 month period.

By the time the 9-12 month period comes around from the engaged of our local SEO services, your search engine visibility will be vastly different and you should be ranking very well in the search engine results pages.

While we cannot attest to other SEO agencies or digital marketing companies, these are the results our SEO experts see across our local SEO campaigns.


A local SEO package is a packaged service, whereby a digital marketing company will provide you with complete local SEO services.

Typically included in a local SEO package will be all aspects of your local keyword research and strategy, on-page local SEO, off-page local SEO, link building and all other aspect it takes to rank your website for local searches.

A local SEO package can make a lot of sense for businesses looking to increase their local organic traffic, since a SEO package will usually be cheaper than hourly SEO consulting.

As part of a local SEO package, businesses will have access to local SEO experts who understand exactly what it takes to rank your website on Google and market your website to the local community.


Local search engine optimisation focuses on attracting local customers to your website from Google.

In essence, local SEO markets your website within Google and search engines to your local community and local customers. By focusing on local keywords and local content, you are able to build a local audience of potential customers.

Local SEO attracts local customers your website and business, whether it be a service based business or a brick and mortar store.


As one of Australia’s leading SEO companies that offers local SEO services, we have a number of statistics that show just how well local SEO can convert traffic.

Here are some of the key statistics that show how well local SEO can convert traffic:

  • 98% of Google users search online to find a local business.
  • 1.8 billion local searches are complete every month
  • 65% of “near me” searches result in an in-store visit
  • Local searches result in purchases 32% of the time

These statistics go to to show that local SEO is one of the most powerful marketing tools local businesses can use.


In order to build brand awareness in your local market, you need to be found on Google. This is where local SEO can come into play for businesses looking to increase their profile within their local market.

By being discoverable in the local search engine results, your business will be seen as the authority in its field and local market. Local SEO can be a powerful generator of organic traffic that will help your business grow its brand awareness.


When local searches are looking for a products and services near their physical location, they will often perform a “near me” search.

Local businesses with a properly optimised website, and Google Maps placement, will generally appear for these search terms and be discoverable to these local customers.

This can be an ideal way for businesses to increase their online marketing and search rankings as these local intent searches have grown by 900% in the past 24 months.


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Our Local SEO Process

Engaging Australian Web Experts to manage your local SEO needs are as simple as these steps. We take the stress out of local SEO services for all Aussie clients.

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Book SEO Consultation

Getting in touch with our local SEO experts is as simple as possible.


Select A Local SEO Package

Our dedicated local SEO team will help you select the right local SEO package.


Start Dominating Google Search

We offer guarantees and milestone local SEO timeframes within 90 days.

Local SEO Benefits By Choosing Us

By choosing Australian Web Experts to manage your local SEO campaign, you have access to a range of local SEO benefits. These benefits are included in all local SEO services with us.

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Live Tracking

Viewing your first page Google results has never been so easy. We provide all clients with live tracking and 24/7 reporting.

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Simplified Management

Trust the local search experts, our simplified SEO account management means you get the most out of your campaign.

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Analytic Data

Your SEO account manager will deep dive into your analytic data each month to provide you with valuable insights.

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Local Dominance

With extensive local SEO experience, we know what it takes to dominate local search. Leverage our local team.

Let's talk about your local SEO goals.

We offer a free local SEO consultation for all new local SEO clients valued at $1,000.

Critical Local SEO Campaign Components

#1. Local Keyword Research

Local keyword research forms a critical campaign component. At Australian Web Experts, we deep dive into researching the best local keywords for each of our clients.

We utilise industry software and Google searches, along with competitor analysis, to see the exact local keywords that will drive traffic to your website.

By performing comprehensive local keyword research, we are able to gear your digital marketing campaign for success from the beginning. The best local SEO services will target keywords that are actively searched within search engines and receive high volumes of local traffic.

#2. On Page SEO

As part of your on-page SEO strategy, which is critical for local search engine optimisation, we optimise page titles, meta description information, meta titles and title tags.

Beyond this, we geo-target imagery, complete internal linking strategies and more. A comprehensive on-page SEO strategy will help your business appear in local search results and your overall local rankings.

Our on-page local SEO experts spend countless hours each month to ensure your on-page SEO is assisting with your search rankings.

#3. Content Production

Our content production and local landing pages perform two key component of your overall strategy. When it comes to content marketing, our content writing team select key content pillars that provide your website with topical relevance.

Your content marketing strategy will usually involve regular website and blog updates to increase relevance in the Google algorithm. Further to this, our team creates local landing pages that appear within the search engine results pages.

By designing and developing landing pages that advertise your products and services, we are able to grow your websites profile with your local audience. Landing pages can be one of the most organic traffic drives for both brick and mortar businesses and service based businesses.

#4. Google My Business Optimisation

Optimising a Google My Business involves a number of tasks that need to be completed on a monthly basis.

As part of our local SEO packages, we include Google My Business management. This managed includes the initial optimisation of your business profile, and then management beyond that.

As part of your Google profile management, we post regular updates, perform monthly optimisations, respond to reviews and more as part of your online marketing plan.

It doesn’t matter if your business has a physical location or not, your business profile forms an integral component of your SEO campaign.

#5. Off-Page SEO & Backlink Building

An off-page SEO strategy for local search can be a complex process. Knowing the right back links to obtain and the best websites to reach out to, in your area and niche, can be difficult to figure out.

As one of the leading SEO companies in Australia, we understand the key driving factors behind a proper off-page link building strategy.

Our outreach team handles all aspects of link building and creation for our clients and ensures your website. A proper off-page SEO strategy involves all aspects of link building, ensuring your website appears to potential customers and higher in the Google algorithm.

#6. Local Citations

Local citations are a key element in your SEO campaign. Our SEO services cover amending existing citations and business directory listings that may have been built to ensure your name, address and phone number is accurate, as well as other crucial information.

Our outreach team builds citations and lists your website on industry relevant websites that not only provide your website with geographical relevance, but also connect you with potential customers.

Local citations built to your website can involve a large amount of time and effort, but the results we see for our clients go to show how critical they are for online marketing campaigns.

#7. Technical SEO

As a SEO agency that handles all aspects of SEO, we have a technical team that is specifically focused on technical search engine optimisation.

Our technical SEO ensure that your website complies with some of the following elements to ensure it ranks well in search engines:

  • Local website hosting
  • Website speed & core vitals
  • SSL certificates & HTTPS
  • Schema mark-up
  • Broken backlinks
  • Duplicate content problems
  • Website crawling
  • External & internal linking structure
  • Sitemap configuration
  • Google search console errors & logs
  • Google crawling budgets

These are just some of the technical SEO aspects that the technical team at our SEO agency handle for our clients. There are a large number of technical SEO aspects that can make or break your marketing campaign.

Let's talk about your local SEO goals.

We offer a free local SEO consultation for all new local SEO clients valued at $1,000.


Feel that tingling in your fingers? Get in touch with the Australian Web Experts SEO team by completing your details below. We provide all prospective local SEO clients with a complimentary, obligation-free SEO audit and consultation.