What Are SEO Packages?

Unless you're a business owner without email, you have probably heard about SEO packages. But what exactly is an SEO package? Let's dive in!
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If you’re starting to do your research on SEO for your business, you may be wondering “what are SEO packages?”. In short, an SEO package is a custom Search Engine Optimisation package designed to get your businesses website to rank on the first page of Google.

While this is a simplified answer, there’s a lot more to SEO packages that most business owners aren’t aware of.

In this article we are going to demystify exactly what an SEO package is, the costs of an SEO package and the timeframes it can take your website to rank when engaging a digital agency for an SEO package.

The Summary Of SEO Packages

SEO packages are becoming more and more popular in the SEO and digital marketing space. Rather than working with an SEO agency on an hourly rate, businesses are preferring to work with SEO companies at an agreed monthly rate.

A custom SEO package is designed to meet all of a businesses digital marketing and ranking needs. For an agreed monthly SEO package rate, a SEO agency will bundle the various elements of an SEO campaign and provide this to clients inside of a monthly package.

A quality SEO package will typically include working to a set number of keywords and the goals of the SEO campaign should be clear from the outset.

This works out favourably for both the client and the agency, as the client does not have to worry about their monthly budget increasing, and the SEO agency understands clearly what they’ve been engaged for.

With SEO packages now becoming the best way to deliver quality SEO to clients across Australia – there’s no need to stress about the next invoicing landing in your inbox from your digital agency!

Typical SEO Package Inclusions

Every SEO company or SEO agency will work differently, and it is important to be clear from the outset what is included in your SEO package.

At Australian Web Experts, we include the most critical elements of any successful SEO campaign into each of our SEO packages and budget levels.

Our monthly SEO packages include each of the following integral elements of a successful SEO campaign, and you should ensure that your SEO provider includes the same.

Without these necessary inclusions in your SEO package, your overall digital marketing and SEO strategy could be suffering.

Keyword Strategy & Competitor Analysis

Every successful SEO package and SEO strategy begins with keyword research and a competitor analysis.

As we always say to our clients: there’s no point reinventing the wheel. In order to understand the best ways to deliver organic traffic to your website, we first analyse what keywords your competitors are ranking organically for.

This simple strategy, included in every SEO package, allows us to understand what is working and what isn’t working in your specific business niche or industry.

From here, our team deep dives into your own website and product offering. Combining these two tactics, we are able to create a custom keyword strategy that we know will suit your business and deliver you the desired outcome: increased website traffic, enquiries and customers.

On-Page SEO

When it comes to SEO, on-page SEO is one of the most critical ranking factors.

If you would like a summary on everything that on-page SEO entails, feel free to check out our on-page SEO guide. In essence, on-page refers to every single piece of content on your website.

Within each of these pieces of content, or website pages, you are able to not only tell potential customers and clients what your company offers – but, importantly, you are able to tell Google what your company offers.

On-page SEO isn’t as simple as the content on your website, or simply writing blog posts.

There are over 100 different on-page ranking factors that need to be taken into consideration when formulating a comprehensive SEO strategy, however this is something that shouldn’t be missed when considering a SEO package for your business.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is something that a lot of SEO package providers skip. This couldn’t be truer if you are considering a low cost SEO package or a cheap overseas SEO package.

In simple terms, off-page SEO refers to all of the SEO efforts conducted within your SEO campaign that are not made on your website itself. This typically involves outreach and link building strategies.

In 2022, it is clearer than ever that link building and link acquisition is integral for a SEO package or SEO campaign to be successful. This is why Australian Web Experts have an entire team that handles all of the link building and link acquisition aspects within our SEO packages.

Each SEO agency will work differently, however it must be noted that off-page SEO and link building are crucial for successful SEO outcomes and is definitely something you want to ensure is included in your SEO package.

Technical SEO

The technical SEO aspects of your website can make or break your businesses SEO efforts.

SEO service providers, typically those who offer SEO packages, need to ensure that they offer technical SEO services. Technical SEO comprises the technical elements of your website, and SEO efforts, including schema mark-up, tag optimisation, site speed, hosting and more.

A great way to ascertain if your current SEO provider is monitoring the technical aspects of your SEO package is to review your Google Search Console profile. Google Search Console will usually report on technical issues relating to your website’s rank-ability within the Google algorithm.

From a technical SEO perspective, Australian Web Experts place a large amount of emphasis on ensuring technical SEO is covered by all of our SEO packages.

As we like to say, there’s no point attempting to rank if your website doesn’t have the technical capability behind it!

Content Production

Content production, or content creation, is an integral element of any SEO package.

When it comes to ranking in the organic search results, you need to ensure you are working with an SEO agency who understands how to write content that ranks.

There are various elements that go into content creation and you need to ensure your SEO service provider is well equipped to craft compelling content. Not only do you need your content to resonate with your target audience, you need the content to resonate (and rank) within the organic search engine results.

Included in each of the SEO packages at Australian Web Experts is content production and content creation. For some clients, this may include landing page creation, blog writing or other content marketing elements.

It doesn’t matter what way you look at it, Google loves content and rewards websites that produce content. In fact, in 2022, content marketing and compelling content pieces are now one of the major SEO ranking factors.

Google My Business (For Local Companies)

If you’re one of the 2,000,000 local businesses in Australia, it’s highly likely a Google My Business profile will become part of your SEO efforts.

With local SEO growing quicker than ever, we ensure that Google My Business management is included in each of our SEO packages.

A Google My Business profile can deliver thousands of views per month, when configured properly, and is one of the most critical components of any local SEO campaign.

In order to dominate local search and increase your local SEO efforts, make sure that your SEO provider includes Google My Business Management within your SEO package.

Monthly SEO Reporting

The best way to see how well your SEO package is progressing is to analyse your monthly SEO reports.

Any SEO service provider worth their salt will always provide you with comprehensive monthly reporting so that you understand what is occurring on your website, and hopefully, show you the upward trajectory of your SEO efforts and campaign.

While we can only speak from the way we conduct our own monthly reports and our own monthly reporting cycle, you should ensure the following metrics are included in your SEO packages’ monthly reporting:

  • A full list of your keywords; and the current keyword positions in organic search.
  • An overview of your website traffic, analytics, average time spent on your website and other metrics (including bounce rates).
  • Google Search Console data outlining monthly impressions, clicks and other relevant SEO metrics.
  • Google MY Business data showing calls, clicks, views and search impressions for local SEO packages.
  • Backlink/ Off-Page data outlining new and current backlinks, along with anchor text and other technical data.

With these above metrics and data points in your monthly SEO report, you are at the forefront of all data across your website and you are able to make informed decisions on your SEO package and campaign as whole.

In addition to providing monthly updates, Australian Web Experts also provide all SEO package clients with access to a 24/7 SEO reporting Dashboard.

Dedicated Account Management

We’ve seen it time and time again, where SEO agencies will handball clients’ projects around from account manager to account manager.

When you are interviewing different agencies for SEO packages, it is always worth asking about their account manager and account management procedures.

When things go wrong with client campaigns or within SEO packages, this can sometimes stem from account managers changing frequently.

To combat this, Australian Web Experts will allocate a dedicated account manager that will not change during any length of time throughout each client’s SEO package.

Since your account manager will become your first point of contact for anything relating to your SEO package, you need to ensure you are satisfied with their SEO expertise, but also confident your account won’t be hand balled around the agency.

The Costs Of SEO Packages Vs SEO Services

The age old question, “should we hire a SEO company and pay them by the hour, or look for a company that offers SEO packages?”.

When it comes to deciding between SEO packages and paying by the hour, the only person that can make that decision is the business owner or marketing manager.

While we specialise in SEO packages, we also offer SEO consulting services by the hour. In general terms, if your SEO budget is below $5,000 per month – we always recommend SEO packages.

SEO packages, as opposed to paying an hourly rate, are far more cost effective. When you consider the average cost of an SEO professional is $150 per hour, an SEO package starts to make a whole lot of sense.

When you are considering SEO packages, you aren’t getting an inferior product or a lesser service, you are simply engaging a SEO provider that understands their craft and can offer this to you in an affordable, packaged service.

SEO Package Ranking Timeframes

In terms of ranking timeframes with SEO packages, this is no different to standalone SEO services, or simply paying by the hour.

It is no secret that SEO takes time. While SEO can take time, your SEO package provider should outline reasonable timeframes where you can expect an uplift in organic rankings and website traffic.

Australian Web Experts have worked across 150+ different SEO packages, and across the board, we see an upward trend in organic rankings within the 3 month period.

While this is a general rule, sometimes your search engine rankings will increase much quicker than this, and other times (particularly in competitive niches), your search engine rankings may take longer to increase.

It is always best to get an understanding of a general time frame before you sign on the dotted line with an SEO package provider.

Working With Australia’s Best SEO Package Provider

Australian Web Experts are quickly becoming the #1 SEO package provider in Australia. With 10+ years offering SEO packages to a large variety of clients right across Australia, we have the expertise and experience required to get your website ranking on the first page of Google.

Competitively priced, completely Australian owned and operated, our SEO packages are ideal for businesses who are looking to increase their marketing efforts within Google.

Hopefully we’ve been able to give you some insight on everything SEO and SEO packages in this article.

If you have any burning questions about SEO packages – please do not hesitate to reach out to our SEO team! We love hearing from business owners looking to increase their overall search presence.

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