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While it might sound a bit sensational, as a website owner there is a lot of important Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) work you can do to your site for free. Yep totally free, except of course a small investment of your time. However, the time that you put in will be greatly returned by the ranking of your website, especially if it’s a new site. Read on to learn more about great FREE SEO you can apply to your site in only a few minutes.

Off-Site SEO

As we discussed in a previous article ‘What is SEO?’, Off-Site SEO is one of the most important types of SEO you can do for a site that is already well built and has already had On-Site SEO applied. This Off-Site SEO is often the type of SEO that can have the biggest effect on your rankings and most owners have everything that need already set up to apply effective Off-Site SEO on their site.

Put simply Off-Site SEO has nothing to do with your website, it’s all about OTHER websites. Having links on other trusted websites that link back to your site can greatly increase the relevance of your site in Google’s eyes, and in turn boost your rankings. But what sites are going to put links to your brand new site on their trusted website?

Well most business owners already have pages on other trusted websites. If you have a Facebook profile for your business well that’s perfect! A link from your Facebook profile to your businesses website will tell Google that’s your official business website, greatly increasing its relevancy in search results.

Maybe you don’t have Facebook, but you might have Yelp? Or Yellow Pages? True Local? Local Search? Home Improvement Pages? My Google Business Listing? Maybe you have a Gumtree Ad? Any or all of those are absolutely fantastic places to put a link back to your site for completely free Off-Site SEO!

It’s as simple as that and your site will be rocketing to the top search result for your business name in no time!


Another great free way to boost the ranking of your site is via Blogging. Why? Well Google loves sites that are regularly updated, rather than static sites where the information never changes. If you have a blog on your site where you add an article once a month or so, Google will see the new content when they crawl your site. Google will crawl your site periodically without you having to do anything, and when it does, if it notices new content this will help your ranking. The other advantage of Blogging is that you can focus on adding more Keywords to your site as we discussed in ‘What is SEO?’. 

But what are you going to blog about? Well a blog doesn’t have to be a diary, you certainly don’t have to write about anything personal! Think about your customers, if you sell curtains maybe you could write about the best way for your customers to clean their curtains and keep them in top shape? If you’re a plumber you could outline some common jobs you do and what specialist equipment is involved. If you’re a builder you could post a few words and some photos of a project you’re working on.

So long as your blog is relevant to your business and it’s something your customers might be interested in then it’s sure to help your ranking. Another great way to get FREE SEO!



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