Guaranteed SEO Packages Australia – Are They Legitimate?

Wondering if you should engage a SEO agency that offers a SEO guarantee? This post covers all the information you need to know about which SEO guarantees to avoid and which SEO guarantees are legitimate.
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If you are a business owner looking to engage a SEO agency or SEO specialist, it is likely you have come across “Guaranteed SEO Packages”. These will often be companies who claim they can guarantee you first page Google results within a 30 or 60 day period. These SEO companies will also typically offer you incredibly cheap SEO prices and promise you the Earth.

Now, as a business owner looking for a SEO package, it may be tempting to engage these SEO providers. The monthly SEO package looks cheap, the SEO sales guy has convinced you of first page rankings and you’re ready for the cash to start rolling in.

Spoiler alert: you need to steer clear of these fly-by night SEO agencies offering guaranteed SEO packages, with first page rankings inside of (insert random date here).

What Guarantee Can SEO Providers Actually Give?

While we always recommend avoiding spammy overseas SEO companies  offering page 1 rankings within 30 days, there are certain guarantees we find that work for SEO campaigns.

For instance, if you are engaging an Australian business, you are protected by consumer law. Typically speaking, an established Australian business will complete the work they have been contracted for. In this case, an Australian SEO company might offer specific milestone guarantees within their scope of work.

No business can guarantee first page results for all of your keywords, within specific timeframes, however a business can make a commitment and guarantee to you to ensure they will work until you rank on the first page of Google. This is where the Australian Web Experts guarantee comes into play.

Do Australian Web Experts Offer A Guarantee?

our don't rank, don't pay seo guarantee

We do offer a 90 day “don’t rank, don’t pay” guarantee. As experienced SEO experts, we know what it takes to ensure your business obtains its desired Google rankings. When we are engaged for a monthly SEO package, we will develop a robust SEO strategy for your business. As part of this SEO strategy, we will identify keywords that we know your business can rank for and we will also identify keywords that we know will drive website traffic.

Based on our 10+ years of SEO experience, we understand exactly what it takes to get your website ranking and how to achieve SEO success for your business. This is why if you are not ranking on the first page of Google within 90 days, you simply stop paying until you are.

We find this SEO guarantee provides our clients with peace of mind that their SEO campaign will actually drive them results, and this guarantee also holds us accountable to your SEO success.

How Is Our SEO Guarantee Different To Others?

You may be wondering how our SEO guarantee is different to other SEO companies or SEO specialists. Haven’t we just told you to avoid companies offering SEO guarantees?

Well, we have! This is where some clients get confused. If you’ve been in business long enough, you have probably come across SEO package guarantees where businesses will guarantee you’ll be page 1, result 1 within 14 business days. All for the affordable price of $50 per month. The reality is, this just isn’t possible and these companies are typically scams.

As an Australian company, the SEO packages that we offer are covered by consumer protection laws. This means that while we can’t control Google or your Google rankings with the click of a button, the SEO specialists at Australian Web Experts will work with you until your business gets its desired SEO results and Google rankings.

When developing a SEO strategy for your business, we will conduct a comprehensive SEO audit that outlines the best SEO practices to ensure your business can dominate the local SEO search rankings. Our digital marketing experts will then work relentlessly to ensure your business ranks on the first page of Google. This is where our SEO guarantee differs from other digital marketing companies.

Why First Page Results Cannot Always Be Guaranteed

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of ensuring your website is optimised correctly, and can be found for keywords that are relevant to your business. Based on the optimisations completed on your website, the Google algorithm will then display your website to potential users.

The way that Google (or other search engines) decide how to display your website and what to display your website for is based on a number of different factors. Firstly, search engines will look at your overall website optimisation, any linking building completed, whether your website contains any quality content and will then display your website in relevant search results.

These are the metrics that will then need to be improved or added upon to ensure your SEO (search engine optimisation) campaign is successful. Beyond this, there are a number of other elements that will go into a successful SEO campaign and SEO package.

There are over 100+ ranking factors that will go into your SEO package and this is why companies cannot offer you specific keyword placements in the organic search results. Unlike PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, SEO is a completely organic process and specific keyword positions cannot be guaranteed.

With that said, there are a number of SEO strategies to ensure your website does rank on the first page and these will be completed in your SEO audit.

The Harm Of Poor Quality SEO Services


The SEO companies offering these ridiculously affordable SEO packages with specific keyword placements and guarantees typically undertake poor quality SEO work. These cheap SEO packages usually involve spammy link building, content farms and other bad SEO practices that Google picks up on very quickly.

These low quality SEO packages may temporarily boost your search engine rankings before Google catches on and penalises your entire website. At this point, it’s typically game over for your SEO campaign.

This is when that super affordable SEO company will leave you in the dark and you’ll end up engaging a SEO company with a proven track record like Australian Web Experts.

Unfortunately, too many small business owners fall into the scam of these low quality, cheap SEO providers and find themselves in a terrible position with Google. This is why we always recommend engaging a quality SEO provider, preferably based in Australia, for your SEO campaign.

Quality SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Takes Time

When you are considering undertaking a SEO package or starting a SEO campaign, it is important to remember the high quality SEO takes time. Search Engine Optimisation is much like building a house, and it requires a quality foundation.

Beyond building a quality foundation for your SEO campaign, you will need to ensure you are consistently creating content for your website that provides value, building high quality backlinks and ensuring your technical SEO aspects are in order.

Quality, well-executed SEO campaigns take a large amount of time and resources to ensure you are ranking for your desired keyword search terms. As always, quality SEO takes time and this is something you need to consider when selecting a SEO agency or SEO specialist.

We are often contacted by clients looking for affordable SEO packages, who want SEO results immediately. What small business owners often don’t understand is that Google is not working to a 30, 60 or 90 day timeline. Google will rank your website depending on the level of work that is put into your SEO campaign and the quality of work completed as part of your SEO campaign. Google also considers other key metrics such as how well your competitors have optimised their websites, and other industry specific factors.

What A Reputable SEO Company Can Provide You With:

  • A comprehensive SEO audit and robust SEO strategy
  • High quality content designed to rank your website
  • High quality backlinks sourced from reputable websites
  • A dedicated account manager who intimately understands your businesses needs and SEO goals
  • No lock in contracts that harm your businesses bottom-line
  • Access to a team of 20+ SEO professionals who understand how to rank websites
  • Monthly SEO reporting and unlimited SEO support
  • First page keyword rankings that provide your business with a ROI
  • Guaranteed SEO milestones, within reasonable timeframes

Partnering With A SEO Agency With A Proven Track Record

When you partner with a SEO agency that has extensive SEO experience, you will ensure your business has the best chance at SEO success. Beyond receiving a SEO guarantee, a SEO company that offers quality SEO packages backed by industry experience should be every business owner’s first point of call.

An Australian business that can develop a quality marketing strategy through search rankings will ensure your business is discoverable for relevant search queries, in turn driving more traffic and more revenue to your business. By working with a trusted SEO agency, it won’t be long before you start seeing major ranking improvements across your website.

SEO Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

guaranteed seo packages australia 3

It doesn’t matter if you need a nationwide or simply a local SEO package, your SEO campaign and overall digital marketing cost doesn’t have to be expensive. The total cost of your SEO campaign will depend on a number of different factors and we cover this at length on our blog.

Australian Web Experts are proud to offer affordable SEO packages that also come with guarantees, ensuring your business is ranking for relevant keyword search terms that drive traffic.

SEO Guarantees In Summary

Hopefully we have been able to provide you some information about what SEO guarantees to avoid and what SEO guarantees are legitimate.

In essence, a SEO provider offering 500 keywords on Page 1 of Google within 30 days is a company to avoid. However, a SEO agency offering a reasonable guarantee to ensure you are ranking for specific keyword search terms, within a reasonable timeframe, should definitely be considered when undertaking a SEO package.

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