SEO For Electricians

If you are an Electrician and you are exploring SEO for your business, then this guide is for you. We have outlined some easy wins, tips and tactics for Search Engine Optimisation in Australia.
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Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) For Electricians Guide

If you are an electrician, or work within an electrical trade business, you might be wondering how Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) could take your business to the next level, or how you can apply SEO to your business.

Most electricians are aware that being on the first page of Google when people search for electricians in their local area is paramount to 10X the growth of their electrical businesses. It’s definitely not a secret that the electricians on the first page of Google are getting a serious amount of enquiries through their website every single day.

If you’re an electrician thinking about engaging a digital marketing provider for a SEO package, or if you are simply wondering what core elements need to be part of your Search Engine Optimisation campaign, then this article is for you.

How Can SEO Grow An Electrician’s Business?

If you are new to digital marketing, you might be wondering how Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can help your business grow as an electrician.

SEO for electricians example

Google Search: Electricians In Melbourne. SEO Example.

As you can see in the above images, these are screenshots when searching for “Electricians in Melbourne”, “Electricians in Sydney” and “Electricians in Brisbane”, just as an example. The principles and processes outlined in this post can be applied to electricians in any area within Australia.

So, extending on the screenshots; Google will deliver the top ad positions, the first 3 Google Maps results and the organic search results. For electricians who have properly optimised their overall website and SEO experience, they will be at the top of the Maps and organic search results.

In Melbourne, for example, there are over 1,000 search queries per month of people searching in Google for “Electricians Melbourne”. With the top results being electricians who have a properly optimised SEO campaign, they are able to access these additional 1,000 per month customers looking for an electrician, each and every month.

This is just one example of one keyword search term. As a general rule, businesses engaging in a proper SEO campaign will be ranking for multiple different keyword search terms related to their specific field and industry. By ranking for a variety of different keyword search terms, these businesses are able to attract thousands of views to their website every month. In essence, this is how Search Engine Optimisation can rapidly grow your business as an electrician.

Identify Your Main Electrician Service Offerings

Now that we have quantified how Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can help you grow your business, we need to identify your specific product offerings that you’d like to be found on Google for. As an electrician, you may only service domestic clients for example.

If this is the case, you need to create a list of the specific services that you offer your domestic clients. While a lot of people will just search specifically for an electrician, there is quite a lot of traffic to be had in the different vertical offerings.

As an example, if you are an electrician purely servicing domestic clients, you may want to target specific product offerings such as:

  • New Home Electrical Services
  • Pool Electrical Services
  • Home Security Installations
  • Electricians For Real Estate Developments
  • Apartment Complex Electricians
  • Electricians For Property Managers

We recommend forming a list of services that you know your profit margins are high on, and also a services list that represents a market large enough in size. From here, you can dive deeper and ensure these keywords (or services) are actively searched for on Google on a monthly basis. A clearly defined product offering is critical for SEO success.

Clearly Define Your Target Client Area For SEO

a SEO target area for electricians

A clearly defined target area for SEO.

There’s really no point targeting, for example, Sydney based keywords when you exclusively work on the North Shore. It is imperative for all electricians to identify the areas that they specifically work in and focus on for your businesses SEO.

This not only serves the purpose of ensuring you are getting relevant enquiries through your website, but also allows you to dominate the Google search engine in your local area. By focusing on specific areas that you service clients in, you are able to achieve first page results much quicker than going for overarching metropolis areas where there is much higher competition for the first page results, and a large number of businesses focusing on their SEO efforts.

After you have figured out your key service offerings and your key client areas, it is time to get started on compiling your list of keyword search terms for SEO.

Create A List Of Keyword Search Terms

We are often asked what a keyword search term is by clients. With Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) being quite a technical process, it can be hard to wrap your head around the specific terms and applications of everything within the space.

A keyword search term is essentially a Google search performed when someone is looking for either a). a service or b). information on a topic within Google. Extending on our electrician example, you may be an electrician based on the North Shore, specialising in a variety of different electrical services – with one of them being new pool installations.

a keyword list for electricians seo

A keyword list for electricians.

Based on this example, a keyword search term for this particular electrician and area would be:

  • “Pool Electrician North Shore”

This is considered one keyword search term. It is a specific search term that you want your business to be discoverable for on Google and ideally, the first result on Google.

With your list of specific service offerings, and your list of key client areas and/or suburbs, you can now create your very own list of keywords or keyword search terms.

Optimise Your Maps Listing For Electrician Search Terms

One of the major traffic drivers for local electricians is Google My Business (previously known as Google Maps). Google My Business listings are critical because they not only come above the organic search results, but they also provide authority and trust within the Google search results.

You may have noticed that the Maps results will show real Google reviews and quick “call-to-action” buttons such as the ability to call the business, the ability to set-up an appointment and of course, the ability to view the clients website.

a google my business profile for electricians search engine optimisation

A Google My Business profile properly optimised for Electricians.

With your ideal keyword list, you are able to optimise your Maps listing by a variety of ways, such as responding to reviews, ensuring your products and serves are clearly defined and regularly posting updates through the platform directly.

Your Google My Business Listing is absolutely critical for showing Google that your business is active and this if often overlooked by electrical businesses. We highly recommend optimising your Maps listing properly, and keeping it regularly updated – ideally on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

Optimise Your Website For Conversions

It can be quite easy to establish a website these days, however you need to ensure your website is specifically designed to convert the website traffic into enquiries and, ultimately, customers for your business.

A proper conversion optimisation process includes a variety of factors such as website speed, trust and other key elements such as call to actions, lead generation focused offers, pop-up forms and the ability for website traffic to easily get in touch with your business. While these processes can often be technical, it is something that electricians who want to rank on Google should not discard.

Conversion rate optimisation can be quite tricky, and we recommend utilising a specialist provider for this, however there are very easy wins that can be achieved by following a number of valuable online guides.

Establish Google Analytics To Monitor Your Website

Google Analytics for Electricians SEO

Get Started with Google Analytics to measure your SEO success.

If you are reading this article, it is very likely that you are putting a bit of work into the SEO for your electrical business. There’s really no point in ensuring you are ranking for electricians in your local area if you can’t see what actually occurs once the website traffic is on your website.

By establishing a Google Analytics account, you are able to gain a valuable insight into what is occurring on your website. Google Analytics can then be used for further optimisations to your website and will allow you to optimise from an informed position.

We do have a guide on how to set-up and use Google Analytics for your business, which we highly recommend reading for electricians who want to rank on the first page of Google.

Generate Valuable Electrician Focused Content For SEO

While it is impertivie to ensure your Google My Business page is reguarly updated, you also need to ensure your website is constantly updated with relevant, topical information.

For electricians, we recommend adding a Blog or News section your website. In this dedicated informational section, you can post updates about recent electrical projects, tips, tricks and more. While keeping your website updated is critical for Google to ensure your website is being favoured in the search results, you are able to target additional traffic through these highly targeted blogs or news updates.

Much like your Google My Business profile, we recommend creating a strategy so that you are sticking to a consistent content plan.

Create A SEO Backlink Campaign

If you are new to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), you may have not heard of backlinks. Backlinks are essentially a link on a third party website, pointing back to your own. By placing a link on a third party website, you are showing Google that your website is more relevant for specific search terms.

backlinks for electricians SEO

An example showing 1.25K backlinks to an Electricians website.

A quality backlink campaign can drastically help increase your electrician keywords within the Google sphere and is critical for SEO. But how do you get backlinks to your website?

There are a number of ways to go about this and there’s no denying that backlinks are increasingly hard to obtain. We recommend ensuring you are on relevant electrician directories, establishing social media profiles for your business and getting your updates shared on other peoples websites.

There are a number of factors that electricians should consider when conducting a proper backlink campaign, and we’d be happy to point you in the right direction with your backlink or SEO efforts.

Search Engine Optimisation For Electricians Specialists Can Help

Thanks for sticking with us to the end of this guide. We have done our best to outline some of the key factors when undertaking SEO for electricians, however there are over 100+ ranking factors for electricians on Google.

By undertaking some of these SEO steps, you will be well on your way to dominating your local search engine results. If you are an electrician that is serious about growing your business through SEO, but you’re already short on time running your business, a electrician SEO specialist can help.

At Australian Web Experts, we work with electricians every single day to achieve their SEO goals and success through Google. We are more than happy to assist with your SEO campaign and we’d love to chat!

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