13 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Local SEO

Local SEO can be a game changer for small businesses. With local SEO proving to be one of the most effective SEO strategies, here are 13 reasons why you need local SEO.
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13 reasons why your business needs local SEO

Local SEO is absolutely critical for small businesses in Australia. Delivering such a high ROI for businesses and allowing small businesses to obtain market share within the search engines, local SEO needs to be considered by all small Australian businesses.

Here are our 13 reasons why your business absolutely needs local SEO as part of your digital marketing strategy.

#1. Local SEO Increases Your Profit

With the costs of local SEO being relatively affordable for small businesses, local SEO is one of the best ways for a local business to increase its profit.

As a general rule, local ROI provides a much greater return on investment, with a lower entry point to scale, which allows a small business to increase its profit in a sustainable way.

A large number of our own clients have seen incredible results with local SEO and some of them have had their best profit months by deploying a comprehensive local SEO campaign.

#2. Your Brand Awareness Is Improved With Local SEO

Local SEO isn’t just a great way to increase enquiries, traffic and profits. It can also be a great way to great your business name out there.

By conducting a local SEO marketing strategy, businesses are able to increase the overall visibility and profile of their company. This can be a great strategy for local businesses in competitive niches that want to stand out from the crowd.

Local SEO efforts can be a perfect marketing tool for businesses looking to increase their overall brand awareness and online marketing presence.

#3. Local SEO Optimises Your Google Maps Positioning

By engaging a local SEO services provider for your business, you are able to dramatically increase your Google My Business and Google Maps presence.

Google Maps placement is one of the main traffic and digital marketing strategies that is used in a local SEO campaign. There are a number of different strategies used within a SEO strategy to ensure you are ranking above your competition.

The increased traffic from Google Maps can exponentially grow your businesses traffic and enquiries.

#4. Local Customers Find Your Local Business

The whole purpose of local SEO and SEO in general is to market you to more potential customers. Local SEO focuses on ensuring your local business gets in-front of more local customers.

Local customers are more likely to engage you for your products or services, since they are actively looking for businesses within their local community.

By appearing in the local search engine results pages, local businesses are able to reach their ideal customers who need their services.

#5. Your Local Business Appears Higher In Search Engines

Since Google rolled out a focus on helping small businesses appear within local searches in 2014, they have actively promoted and placed a large focus on ensuring local companies have a chance of ranking.

With SEO being such a driver within the Google search engine, Google wanted to level the playing field for local companies. A small business probably doesn’t have the budget that large businesses do for their SEO strategy, so the algorithmic changes have worked to balance everything out.

By conducting a proper local SEO strategy, small businesses can outrank larger businesses within the search engines for competitive keyword search terms.

#6. Local SEO Ranks You In The Local Pack

The local pack refers to the top 3 results of the local Google results and is a major ranking factor for local SEO. When you appear within the local pack of the search results, your business is placed within the top 3 of all search terms.

Additionally, your position in the local maps pack allows potential customers to easily call your business, browse reviews and obtain directions to your local business.

The local pack can provide businesses with boosted impressions, clicks and views – sometimes within the tens of thousands per month.

#7. 98% Of Google Users Research Local Businesses

In a recent agency study on local SEO statistics, we discovered that 98% of Google users research local businesses on Google. Quite simply, this means that most Google users are using the Google search engine to look for local businesses.

Google is the most prominent search engine in the world, and consumers are going to Google to engage with local businesses.

With over 1.8 billion monthly searches for local businesses, it is imperative that your business can be found on Google within your local community to capitalise on this local search trend.

#8. Local SEO Gives Local Businesses A Competitive Edge

There are a number of reasons why local SEO is important. One of the key components to a local SEO campaign is providing your business with a competitive edge.

By being found within the organic search results by customers in your local area, you are leaps and bounds ahead of your local competitors.

Most local businesses simply aren’t harnessing the power of local SEO properly and this provides small businesses with a competitive edge.

#9. Faster Google Rankings For Local Businesses

It is well known that a traditional SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) campaign can take time. A local SEO campaign can typically deliver website traffic results faster than a traditional SEO campaign, since you are competing in a less competitive space.

Further to this, if your business is local to the area you are trying to rank within, your business will be favoured above other businesses competing for these exact keyword search terms.

In essence, local SEO can provide businesses with faster results when trying to rank within the organic search results.

#10. The Highest ROI On Digital Marketing Spend

With overall costs of a local SEO campaign being lower than a standard SEO campaign, and the results generally being delivered faster, local SEO provides businesses with the highest ROI on all digital marketing budgets.

Since local SEO is so beneficial for local businesses, it is not uncommon for local businesses to receive a 250% return on investment over a 12 month period.

There’s no doubt that local SEO produces incredible results for local businesses looking to dominate their local search results.

#11. You Can Outcompete Your Local Competition

When it comes to SEO tactics, it is imperative businesses can outcompete their competition.

By harnessing the power of local SEO, small businesses can easily outcompete their local competition in the search engine results pages.

Increasing your businesses market share is paramount for local businesses looking for sustainable growth through their digital marketing campaigns. This is one of the major reasons why businesses need local SEO.

#12. Build A Company With Longevity Through Local SEO

If you are looking to create a business or real value, with longevity, local SEO is an ideal strategy to deploy. By increasing your overall website rankings within your local area, you are able to grow a business of true value.

When a business no longer relies on word of mouth and referrals as the only source of revenue and new customers, they start to create economies of scale where they can grow their company.

Using the power of local SEO can create not only growth, profit and increased ROI for your business, but also longevity in your field.

#13. Create A Constant Stream Of Local Leads

Extending on building longevity within your company, through local SEO, businesses are able to generate a constant stream of leads through local SEO.

By ensuring your business is ranking at the top of the organic search results in your local area, you are exposed to thousands of more customers.

As a business owner, it is important to ensure your business receives constant leads to continually grow your company and revenue.

Work With Australia’s Local SEO Experts

There are such a large number of reasons why every small business should be using a local SEO strategy. From revenue growth, to brand awareness, to building a company of value – there’s no denying that local SEO services are paramount for all businesses.

At Australian Web Experts, we specialise in local SEO campaigns for a large number of clients right across the country. We work with businesses in all niches and categories to dominate their positions in the local search results.

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