What Is SEO Management?

If you are struggling to figure out what SEO Management is and includes, we have the answers! Find out exactly what SEO Management is and what goes into the management of a SEO strategy here.
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what is seo management

SEO Management is important for businesses who don’t have the SEO expertise to rank their own businesses’ websites. SEO Management is one of the main services we specialise in offering to all of our Australian clients.

In this article, we are going to cover exactly what SEO management is, the key components of SEO management and other relevant information such as SEO management timeframes, results and costs.

So, if you’re interested in SEO management for your business, this one’s for you.

SEO Management Explained

SEO Management, or the management of your websites SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), is where you engage a specialist SEO company to manage your websites SEO.

When you engage a SEO agency or SEO manager to manage your websites’ position in the organic search results, you are outsourcing your search engine marketing to a SEO specialist.

These specialised SEO managers have the advantage of understanding digital marketing and SEO best practises to ensure your website ranks properly within search engines.

Key Elements Of SEO Management

There are a number of key elements that go into SEO management, and a successful SEO strategy. Let’s break down the key components that a SEO manager will handle for businesses SEO.

#1. Forming An SEO Strategy

Forming a successful SEO strategy consists of over 100 different data points. SEO specialists know exactly what it takes to increase your search rankings and will include this in your overall SEO strategy.

An effective SEO strategy created by a SEO manager will outline the different milestones to achieve your desired SEO results and increased online visibility.

Good SEO managers will also work your business goals into your SEO strategy which allows for overall successful SEO management. The SEO strategy created by your SEO manager will be proven to drive results, and will be one of the key aspects of your SEO campaign.

#2. Conducting Keyword Research

When increasing your SEO efforts, a proper keyword research strategy is crucial. A SEO manager will have access to industry tools that conduct competitive analysis within your businesses industry.

From here, a SEO manager can identify specific keywords and related keywords that will be proven to drive organic traffic and increase your overall website traffic.

During the keyword research phase on your SEO campaign, a SEO manager will work to understand the keywords that will actively drive your business and website traffic forward.

A proper keyword research strategy can only be conducted by a SEO manager, and this is one of the best reasons to use an SEO professional.

#3. Performing On-Page, Off-Page and Technical SEO

A SEO manager will be responsible for all aspects of SEO work that is completed on your website.

Following SEO best practices, an SEO manager will perform on page SEO, off page SEO and technical SEO work to increase your website’s organic search visibility.

If you are working with a SEO agency, they will likely have various different departments that handle these different components of SEO for your business.

For example, within each of our SEO packages, the SEO managers at Australian Web Experts handle all of these different campaign components and liaise between our different SEO departments.

#4. Providing Detailed Reports

SEO managers, or an SEO management campaign, will include different project management delivery updates.

One of the best ways to deliver your increase in the organic search results and overall keyword improvement positions, will be through detailed monthly reports.

Since SEO management is the management of your businesses entire search marketing efforts, a detailed monthly report will usually outline your specific keyword positions, organic traffic, Google analytics data, Google search console data and any link building that has occurred within the month.

Monthly reports are a good way for SEO managers to convey your SEO progress, and a great way for you to see what SEO work is being conducted on your website each month.

#5. Working To Monthly Goals

An SEO manager, much like a marketing manager, will work towards monthly goals to increase your website in organic search.

Within a search marketing campaign, these SEO goals will typically include things like keyword increases and increase website enquiries.

A SEO manager will usually perform monthly goal setting as part of your SEO management campaign to ensure your website continues to climb within the Google search results.

The best SEO managers will actively collaborate with their clients to ensure key targets and objectives are being set. With digital marketing being such a driver for small business growth, monthly goals are crucial.

#6. Google My Business Management

If you operate a local business, local SEO management will usually extend to the management of your Google My Business profile.

SEO managers have the understanding and technical expertise to ensure your Google My Business profile is ranking well and optimised correctly.

Since a Google My Business profile can be responsible for thousands of clicks and impressions, on a monthly basis, a SEO management campaign will include the management of this.

The monthly management of your Google My Business profile will extend to responding to reviews, posting updates and actively optimising your overall profile.

#7. Content Creation

SEO management usually involves a content strategy and content marketing. Content strategy SEO managers are usually another team within a SEO company that your SEO manager will liaise with.

As part of your businesses SEO management, your SEO company will work to create not only an overall content marketing plan, but also work to create content and product quality content on a monthly basis.

Your content marketing plan will evolve over the course of your SEO campaign and will target different topics, through relevant content, at different stages.

Content marketing is an extremely integral part of SEO and SEO management should always include a content strategy.

Working With Search Engine Optimisation Agencies

It’s no secret that to implement a proper SEO strategy, you should outsource the management of your SEO campaign to a qualified SEO agency.

As we have outlined, there are a number of different elements that go into proper SEO management. By engaging a SEO agency, you are able to outsource the management of your SEO to a company that has the expertise, knowledge and tools to manage your SEO effectively.

There are a number of things you need to look out for when choosing an SEO agency, so make sure you make the right choice when it comes to your businesses overall SEO management.

The Clear Benefits Of SEO Management

By working with a SEO manager, businesses can achieve success within the Google algorithm. A SEO specialist agency has the exact tools and resources to push your website forward within the Google search engine.

For businesses who are too busy running their own business to navigate the complex field of SEO, it makes sense to hire a SEO management company who can handle all aspects of their digital marketing campaign.

For those who are interested, our SEO case studies showcase just how successful some businesses can be by outsourcing their SEO management to an agency that knows what they’re doing.

Is SEO Management Expensive?

Some businesses are under the impression that engaging a SEO manager or SEO management company is expensive, but this couldn’t be further from the truth when choosing the right company.

The total cost of your SEO campaign or digital marketing campaign will always be outweighed by the added revenue your business receives as a result of your businesses increased traffic.

After running hundreds of different SEO campaigns, we have never been in a position where the cost of the SEO package outweighed the added enquiries and revenue a business received.

This is where choosing the right SEO professional to work with becomes integral, since you need to ensure you are working with a business who understands how to drive traffic and increase your businesses revenue.

The Timeframe Of SEO Management Results

As with all things SEO, the timeframe of your organic positions increasing isn’t an exact science. There are a number of different factors that will determine how quickly you will see results through SEO, and SEO management is no different.

If you are working with a specialist SEO manager, the chances are, you will see SEO results much faster than working with a company that only offers one or two elements of your overall digital marketing campaign.

As a general rule, a SEO campaign handled by a SEO manager or specialist SEO company, will start to deliver some of its best results within 3-6 months.

Choose An Expert Australian SEO Management Company

If you’ve read this long, you should now understand exactly what SEO management is. In essence, it is the management of your entire SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) campaign and efforts.

From on page SEO, to off page SEO, right through to business goals and objectives – SEO management handles every aspect of your website’s SEO efforts.

Better yet, SEO management is one of the quickest ways to see results through SEO and is the most cost effective solution for businesses looking to increase their websites presence within the Google algorithm.

If you enjoyed this post and are still curious about SEO, we recommend heading over to our post where we explain exactly what SEO packages are.

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